Australian Guitar #144

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Hey, happy Monday! We are inching evermore closer to reaching issue #150 of Australian Guitar (which, if all goes according to plan, should hit shelves next October), and for our next notch on the timeline towards it, we’re embracing one of the most classic colour schemes in our arsenal: purple and yellow. But it’s not like we really had a choice to use any other palate – where there’s Prince, there’s purple. And yellow just goes really nicely with purple. 

We also did end up running with a Bluesfest special – though I’m not entirely confident that Bluesfest will actually go ahead in October. It really does seem like we (being NSW) will be locked down until at least the end of that month. Which sucks, because I am getting really, really, really done with being pent up in this fucking house. I want to go to the city! I want to see Shang-Chi when it comes out! I want to go to Bluesfest!!!! I wasn’t even planning to, but now it looks like a really chipper time! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, yeah, Australian Guitar #144 is out today. You can read all about what’s in it over on the Guitar World site. Copies are on shelves at newsagents all around Australia, online via Techmags and iSubscribe, and digitally wherever great magazines can be downloaded. 

Buy a copy (or ten) so we can make it to #150!

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